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 Workhorse Collection

 *Standard upgrades to these cars may include end details such as Hi-Tech airhoses, coupler cut bars, metal wheels & Kadee scale couplers. Any additional upgrades are noted in the descriptions.

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- IMRC, C&O #489283, 60' PS-1 single door boxcar, circa late 70's-early 80's. $65


- ExactRail Magor 4750 covered hopper, BSEX (Badger State Ethanol, LLC) # 70337 ex SOO, based on 2009 prototype photo -$85.


ATHEARN 50' Youngstown plug door boxcar, BN#747898, circa 1990's. $75 


- ExactRail PC&F 6033 boxcar, WC #29049, post 2010, $75

HO#ATSF 101136

- Lightly weathered HO scale American Limited General American TK-N tank car. $70 (late 70's ,80's.)

HO#BNSF 406243

- Weathered HO scale Athearn ACF2970 2 bay covered hopper, $80 (2000+)

HO#BNSF 724040

- Weathered HO scale IMRC (Intermountain)48318-01, FMC 5283cuft Double Door Boxcar with Circle-Cross Logo. $75 (2000+)


- Scale Trains General American Co. Carbon Black covered hopper, 2005+ weathering. $85

HO#C&O 2340

-Lightly weathered HO scale C&O/Chessie System, 40' 2800 cuft Airslide (early) *SOLD* (70's-80's) 

HO#CNW 612721 

- Weathered HO scale, IMRC(Intermountain) 50' Boxcar w 10'x10' Superior door and bar to Hennesey door opener. $85 (80's-90's)

HO#CRDX 7252

- Weathered HO scale IMRC(Intermountain)45374-04 ex ADMX PS4750 3-Bay covered hopper. $85 (2000+) 

HO#CRDX 7257 

- IMRC PS4750 3- bay covered hopper, CRDX (Chicago Freight Car Leasing) #7257ex-ADM, $85


- Intermountain #45340-29, HO PS4750 covered hopper,The Andersons, ex-Ralston-Jefferson, based on prototype photo, $75 (2000+)


- Intermountain#48306-01, 50' double sliding door FMC 5283 box car, BAR #9518, $75 (90s) 


- Intermountain #47082-02, BNSF #403349, ACF 4650 covered hopper, $70 (2000+)


 - Exactrail EP-81066-2, BNSF#412631 PS4277 Low lip covered hopper, $70 (2000+)


- Atlas Trainman #20002945, HO Evans 52' gondola, Conrail (CR) #587103 with Motrak Models aluminum scrap load, $75 (80's& 90's) 


- Exactrail PS4277 low lip covered hopper, KO2030 ex ATSF(SanteFe) $75, (2000+),


- Intermountain #45296-03, Reading & Northern, RBMN 9977, PS4750 covered hopper, $75 (2000+) 

HO#SCL 638803

-  Weathered HO scale IMRC(Intermountain 45918-08) 50' PS-1 Single 10' door Boxcar. $75 (late 70's, 80's-90's)

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