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HO LTD Edition Cars

HO#TAEX2262 - ***SALE***

Custom prototype Walthers HO scale 30,000gal. ethanol tank car with coffin skeleton graffiti tag.  $100
***SALE $75***, plus SHIPPING**

HO#15270 - ***SALE***

American Ltd. Trinity3261 2 bay covered hopper. CMO15270 with AWAKEN Pearl & Scuba Diver graffiti. Done from prototype photo. $100/
***SALE $75***, plus SHIPPING**

HO#450040 - ***SALE***

LBF TRINITY5161 covered hopper , BNSF 450040 with the "GOONIES"graffiti , ACER & ERASE tag. Done from prototype photo.  $100/
***SALE $75***,  plus SHIPPING**


 LBF Trinity5161 covered hopper, BNSF 450688 with AM*FM crew graffiti. Done from prototype photo. $100
***SALE $75***,  plus SHIPPING**

HO#721346 - ***SOLD***

- ATHEARN Trinity5161 covered hopper with AWARE "SKULLS" graffiti. Done from prototype photos. LAST ONE. $100/  ***SALE $75***,plus SHIPPING
***SOLD OUT***


-ATHEARN 2970 2 bay covered hopper, UP 214473 with AWARE "dead shark" graffiti. Done from prototype photo.  $100/ ***SALE $75***, plus shipping


-Intermountain ACF4650 3 bay covered hopper. UP #78032 with "TUFF CITY KIDS" graffiti tag. Based on prototype photo.  $100/ ***SALE $75***,  plus SHIPPING


Custom Build NS Tie Gondola, (Tall Sided), W/Tie Load.
***SOLD OUT***

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